My Shropshire flock started with a yearling ewe, ewe lamb and a yearling ram from the National Sale in Springfield, IL in 2000. At this point I had always shown Tunis and wanted to get into a simple, easy second breed. Shropshires were a quick fit.

I searched for a farm name for a few years and then it just hit. Attica Loc-Up. Growing up in the small town of Attica, NY there is not much else to know other than the school, many many farms and the great Attica Prison. Known for our prison and growing up just 7 miles from it, the prison made a great inspiration to my flock persona. Since the start of the flock, we have since moved. But it doesn't change the fact, that is where we are from and will always be my hometown.

Our team goal, be the Shrops that work. With the small amount of time I have to spend with my stock, they need to be great mothers and very easy keepers. Putting that aside the meat market is great in my area...therefore they need to be heavy muscled and mature at a respectable weight. I have never had a goal of being a breeder of giant sheep that have no muscle or bone. We have been working hard and keeping the group medium size, heavy muscled, big boned with no doubt of looking like a Shrop. Breed character is very near and dear to my heart. The Shropshire breed should be recognizable without falling into a category of the "black face" breed. The joke is pretty soon all dark faced breeds will be meshed together and become one. Not at my house!